Kelly Jo Zellmann

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

​Bemidji, Minnesota

Kelly JO Zellmann, RD, LD, CLT


514 Beltrami avenue


Nutritious Weighs Success Stories

"I am 46, and I live the LEAP lifestyle!  When I first started the process to have the MRT done, I was hopeful that I would be able to finally find some answers to various health issues that I had been experiencing off and on since my 20’s.  I also had been struggling to lose weight even with diet and exercise.  I was very tired all the time, and had digestive issues that I could not get straightened out, as well as being severely depressed. While changing your lifestyle is never convenient nor is it usually fun to begin with, I made my way through the first few weeks eating only those foods that I did not have any reactions from.  At times I thought I was possibly going to starve to death, but then I would remember that I could eat anything that I wanted on the non-reactive food list.

Kelly was very helpful with putting together an eating plan and helping me find information on the foods and chemicals that I was having a reaction with.  One month after starting the LEAP lifestyle, I realized that I had a lot of energy and my digestive
issues calmed down. I also noticed that my depression had really improved and I was shedding some of those pounds!

It is now 8 months since I started LEAP and I feel great!  My depression has lifted, my digestive issues are much better and I currently have lost 28 pounds and four and a half inches around my belly.  LEAP has been absolutely amazing for me!"

~R.O.,  Park Rapids LEAP Client

"I have been having problems with my thyroid function and overwhelming fatigue when I happened to hear a presentation by Kelly and thought that what she said about nutrition and inflammation made a lot of sense.  After a consultation with Kelly and a blood test, I received my test results and within just a few days of modifying my diet I started to feel much better.  Kelly was great to work with and very encouraging with food substitutions and menu ideas.  My energy level has gotten better and my thyroid level test has improved in just 4 months.  As a total bonus, my stomach issues and seasonal allergies have also improved greatly."   

~D.T., Bemidji LEAP Client

"I have been in the process of changing my life with LEAP!  For the longest time, I have suffered with heartburn, stomach issues, moodiness and headaches.  No More.  By using the MRT test results and LEAP method of dietary changes, I have almost completely eliminated the need for antacid and advil.  The biggest bonus has been my weight loss.  It hasn't been fast, but a nice, healthy gradual loss that will be sustainable. With the counseling by Kelly Jo, the difficulty in finding food alternatives and moral support, got me through my hardest days."  

~ T.H., Bemidji LEAP client 

"Kelly Jo is the perfect person to have on your wellness team to help you reach your nutrition goals.  I have worked with Kelly Jo on several wellness events the past few years and she has been a valuable asses to our clients.  Kelly Jo is knowledgeable in all areas of nutrition and has an excellent interactive teaching method.  She is personable, dedicated, and is truly passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical activity.  I would highly recommend that you choose Kelly Jo to help reach your personal or corporate wellness goals!" 

~ A.I., MedSave Family Pharmacy  

"I have always struggled with my weight, which gave me low self esteem.  Kelly Jo has helped me get my confidence back and has given me great advice, such as how to eat the right foods and portion control.  Having the right mind-set is crucial to achieving your goals.  Keeping those goals and changing your lifestyle become so easy when working with Kelly Jo because she is such a positive person!"  

~J.S., successful weight loss of 40 pounds

"I took a diabetes class from MedSave Family Pharmacy.  I was concerned about my my recent A1C number and wanted to better controlmy diabetes without medication.  All of the presenters were excellent but I especially appreciated the information that Kelly Jo offered about nutiriton.  I learned about portion control and counting carbs.  I learned that I could improve my healthy by taking baby steps and adjusting menu choices.  I keep a food journal and exercise diary that helps me focus on my wise choices to stay health. "

~A.M., Diabetes Class Participant

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