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Kelly JO Zellmann, RD, LD, CLT

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Kelly JO Zellmann, RD, LD, CLT

Kelly Jo Zellmann

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

​Bemidji, Minnesota

Tired of struggling with your weight or body image?

Did you know diets don't work?  Have you tried every diet out there and are frustrated with having lost weight initially, but gained the weight back and maybe even more. If you are similar to most people who struggle with food, whether you are are overweight or not, you may spend way too much time thinking about what to eat, how much to eat, what number the scale says, and planning your life around food.  If you are tired of the quick fix that promises weight loss that doesn't last, you are at the right place!  Most people know what they "should" do and what they "should" eat, however, often times, they need help making the two connect with what we actually are doing.  Nutritious Weighs provides personal accountability that will help as you form new healthy habits, become a more mindful eater, and identify emotional eating on your new journey to health!   

Nutritious Weighs provides personalized care to identify your biggest challenges and equip you with the knowledge and tools to become a successful eater and the bonus is obtaining a healthy weight for your body!

Nutrition Weighs offers several different options to meet your individual needs:

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

An initial consultation lasts approximately 60-75 minutes and includes a full assessment of your current nutrition, eating and exercise habits. Together, we will work to understand your personal nutrition and exercise challenges and develop individualized goal to achieve them.  You can expect a detailed review of your medical history and current habits to help create a personalized and unique plan that works with your lifestyle. Your personalized plan will include guidelines, meal and snack suggestions, menu and recipe ideas and tips for eating out. 

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions last approximately 30 minutes and is a continuation of the initial consultation or previous session.  We will explore the progress towards your goals and identify challenges or problem areas that are preventing you from achieving your goals.  The focus of these session will be to provide further nutrition education on key concepts including mindful eating, behavior modification, nutrition label reading and reviewing portion sizes.  

Nutritious Weighs Kick Starter Package 

Looking to just fine tune your nutritional health and want to know how you are doing?  This package includes an initial assessment plus one follow up session.  This is geared toward the person who just wants to boost up their nutrition, ask questions related to their nutritional health, and fine tune their overall nutritional goals. 

Nutritious Weighs Basic Package (3 months)

This package is the perfect option to help build the foundation to a healthier you.  This package includes an initial consultation plus six follow up session and weekly email check ins to make sure you are staying on track between visits. Let Nutritious Weighs help you take control of your nutritional health and get back on track to a healthier you! 

Nutritious Weighs Success Package (6 months)

The key to successful weight management is having a good understanding of nutrition concepts, mindful eating, identifying portion sizes, and addressing behavioral eating.  This package is designed to promote sustainable weight loss through supportive follow up. It takes time for new information to become a habit, thus this package optimizes monthly follow ups to help support and ensure your success.  This package includes an initial consultation plus twelve follow up appointments. 

Nutritious Weighs Personalized Home Kitchen Makeover 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with knowing just where to start in overhauling you and your family's nutrition?  This package is ideal for you!  We will meet right in your home kitchen and created a personalized nutrition plan including an assessment of your current health and eating habits, meal plan and snack ideas, cooking and shopping tips, kitchen organizing tips, and create realistic goals together.  This includes a 2-3 hour home visit plus one follow up session via phone.  A trip to the grocery store and can also be an option added on.  

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